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Here at Vapor Chasers, we’ve heard the message from our customers loud and clear: Disposable vapes have quickly become the most popular vaping products on the market and people are looking for disposable vapes in Virginia Beach!

What Is a Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape is a vaping device that’s pre-filled with e-liquid, fully charged and ready for immediate use right out of the package. To use one, all that you need to do is puff on it. A disposable vape has an automatic airflow sensor, so it detects your puff and starts generating vapor automatically. A disposable e-cigarette usually lasts for several thousand puffs, giving you about the same total nicotine content that you’d get from multiple packs of cigarettes. At Vapor Chasers, most of our disposables are rechargeable. But when they run out of flavor and start to taste bad, that’s when it’s time to throw it away and buy a new one. Vaping doesn’t get any easier than that!

Is a Disposable Vape A Good Choice for a Smoker?

Disposable vapes can be suitable vaping devices for smokers because of their convenience. In fact, many users believe a disposable vape is even more convenient than smoking because it’s smaller than a pack of cigarettes and doesn’t require a lighter. You can carry the device in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it. Disposable vapes typically use a high-strength nicotine in their pre-filled e-liquid, which enables them to deliver a comparable amount of nicotine as traditional cigarettes.

Disposables usually work well as a “starter vape” for all kinds of customers. Many of our customers started vaping with disposables, and then later switched to vape mods. One reason to do this is because vape mods are more customizable and allow the user to reduce the nicotine strength over time.

What Do Disposable Vapes Taste Like?

There is absolutely no limit to what a disposable vape can taste like. These days, disposable e-cigarettes are so popular that some of the biggest e-liquid makers have begun licensing their most popular flavors to the makers of disposables. There was once a time when you needed to buy bottled e-liquid if you wanted to enjoy a true premium vape juice. But today, you can usually find a disposable vape with the same great flavor quality as any refillable vaping device.

What Do Disposable Vapes Feel Like?

We’ve had former smokers tell us that using a disposable vape can feel *almost* the same as smoking a cigarette – which is what many new customers are looking for. However, it should be noted that every customer has a different preference as far as “feel.” In order to find the product that is best for your individual needs, it’s helpful to visit your local vape shop and see what they have to offer.

When you visit one of our vape shops, you’ll find a wide selection of the most popular disposable e-cigarettes. We carry brands such as Hyde Vape, Vaporlax, Komge, Sora, Vape 7 Daze and more. We can’t wait to show you all the new devices we’re adding to our stock every week.

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