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The e-liquid that you use might be most important factor in your vaping experience. If you enjoy the flavor of your e-liquid, it can help you avoid the temptation to switch back to smoking.

What Are the Best E-Liquid Flavors?

There is no “best flavor” because everyone has different preferences; however, one of the great things about vaping is that there’s tons of different flavors available — so there’s plenty of choices for you to try and find one you love.

If you’re switching to vaping for the first time, you might prefer to start with a tobacco or menthol flavor in order to replicate the flavor of cigarettes. Over time, however, most of our customers pick flavors that don’t taste like cigarettes at all.

Some of the most popular e-liquid flavor profiles include:

  • Fruity flavors, sometimes with menthol for added coolness
  • Beverage flavors, such as cola or fruit punch
  • Candy flavors, such as hard candy or bubblegum
  • Bakery flavors, such as cupcakes or doughnuts
  • Dessert flavors, such as custard or ice cream

Should I Buy Freebase or Nicotine Salt Vape Juice?

Buying the right nicotine strength for your needs is crucial. Many new customers start with a relatively high nicotine concentration (such as 12 mg/ml) to replicate the nicotine delivery of a cigarette. Over time, those customers often taper it down to a low concentration (such as 3 mg/ml), or completely down to zero nicotine!

Many popular e-liquids are considered “freebase” nicotine e-liquid. Freebase comes in lower strengths and is better for larger vaping devices. The bigger your device’s cloud production is, the lower your nicotine strength should be.

Another type of e-liquid is nicotine salt e-liquid (sometimes referred to as “nicotine salts”). Nicotine salts have a *very high* nicotine strength. They can only be used in small, low-power vaping devices. And due to their high concentration of nicotine, nicotine salts are only suitable for certain users – we typically do *not* recommend them for most customers.

NOTE: We urge new customers to consult with an expert at a local vape shop before deciding which nicotine strength to use. At Vapor Chasers, we do not encourage customers to use any vaping product with an unnecessarily high concentration of nicotine.

There are so many e-liquid flavors in the world today that it would be impossible to summarize all of them in a single article. We recommend you visit your local brick-and-mortar shop and check out their selection.

If you’re able to come by one of our Virginia Beach vape shops in Kempsville, Hilltop, or Shore Drive, our friendly vaping experts can make recommendations based on what type of flavor you’re looking for. We’ve got a *massive* amount of products in stock – and you’ll find hundreds of flavors from the most popular e-liquid brands: including Vape 7 Daze, Smoozie, Revenge, 80V, Five Pawns, Nomenon and more!

We’re confident we can match you with a flavor that you love. Come see us today!

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