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Warning: this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Vaping Guide For Beginners

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Ready to start vaping but confused by mixed messages online? Finding everything you need to know in one central place can be challenging. What is vaping? Why do people vape? How do you vape and where do you start?

The widespread misinformation and obscurity around vaping make it difficult for beginners to even find a resource on vaping basics, let alone get the detailed information they need to get started. Vapor Chasers is here to help those new to the hobby understand what it is, how it works, and what types of substances can be vaped without any fear-mongering or misinformation.

In this article, we’ve aimed to put it all together in one place to make it simple. We start by describing vaping and then sharing the reasons people choose to vape. We walk you through the key differences between smoking and vaping and provide step-by-step instructions detailing how to vape if you’ve never done it before. We describe the different types of electronic nicotine delivery devices and describe which type of user might like each one, and then we walk you through which substances you can vape using those devices and how.

Read this article for a complete beginner’s guide on vaping, and then visit us at Vapor Chasers for all of your vaping needs. We pride ourselves on setting the bar for quality, customer service, and price in the vaping industry.​​​

What is a Vape?

A vape, often called an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, is an electronic device that uses heat to vaporize liquid for inhalation. The liquid in the device is called e-liquid (or vape juice) and typically contains vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavors, and optional nicotine. Each of these ingredients serves a specific purpose:

  • Propylene glycol or PG is a synthetic food additive that belongs in the same chemical group as alcohol. It dissolves in substances better than water and is great at retaining moisture. PG is found in a variety of foods and is used as a cosolvent for medical devices and breathing treatments, such as Nebulizers. Flavorings used to create food, beverages and e-liquids are often sold already dissolved in propylene glycol.
  • Vegetable glycerine or VG is a sugar alcohol made from plant oils. It is found in a variety of foods as well as skin and body care products. In e-liquid, vegetable glycerine is used to create a smoother inhale and is used in high concentrations to create more dense vapor production.
  • Flavorings are used to make e-liquid more enjoyable for users who are switching from cigarettes. With flavorings, an e-liquid can be made to taste like anything from tobacco to fruit, or even desserts and beverages.

Why Do People Vape?

Wondering why people choose to vape? Each person’s journey is unique and many reasons people chose to vape.  At Vapor Chasers our focus is on using vaporizers as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Some use vaping as an alternative to smokeless tobacco as well. Additionally, smokers sometimes vape when they’re unable to smoke indoors, like in places where smoking is prohibited but vaping is allowed (e.g., certain apartment buildings).

The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

The primary difference between smoking and vaping is how nicotine is delivered. When you smoke, tobacco is burned to deliver nicotine. When you vape, liquid is heated and vaporized to deliver nicotine. Both smoking and vaping deliver nicotine, except when the user chooses nicotine-free e-liquid. Additionally, vaping and smoking provide similar “hand-to-mouth actions”, which often makes it preferable for those who vape as an alternative to smoking. One particular benefit to vaping is that many people prefer the smell of vaping to smoking. Smoking often creates an unpleasant smell and can leave a certain “stench” to indoor furniture and fixtures; whereas vaping usually create a more pleasant smell (depending on flavor) that usually does not linger for very long.

How to Vape

A vape is made of three parts: a power source, a heating element, and a chamber for the e-liquid. The power source is called the vape mod; the heating element is called the coil; and the chamber is called the tank (or “atomizer”). While there are many types of vapes, they’re all composed of these three main parts. New enthusiasts typically start out with a basic vape starter kit. There are several kinds to choose from, and all will come with instructions on how to use the device. Once you’ve selected a starter kit, choose the e-liquid that appeals to you by selecting a flavor and nicotine level. At Vapor Chasers, one of our friendly experts can help you determine which nicotine level is right for you depending on your smoking history.

What are the Types of Vaping Devices?

When you start vaping for the first time, choosing the right device can feel overwhelming. While it may seem like there are dozens to choose from, most fit into a select few categories: disposables, pod systems, starter kits and vape mods/kits. Some are better for new vaping enthusiasts than others, and we’ll walk you through that, too.


Disposable vapes are the most convenient vaping devices on the market, and they’re popular with new vapers because they’re simple and easy-to-use. A disposable vape is ready to use right out of the package – just open it up and start puffing. Disposable vapes are available in a huge variety of flavors, ranging from simple flavors like tobacco and menthol to more complex dessert and fruit flavors  LEARN MORE ABOUT DISPOSABLES

Pod Systems

A pod system is a refillable and rechargeable vaping device. Like disposables, pod systems are light, portable, and easy-to-use. The difference is you can fill them with any e-liquid you want. This makes them more flexible than disposables, and make them popular with both beginners and experienced vapers. Pod systems contain removable plastic pods that store the e-liquid. You can refill the pods several times before it requires replacement. A pod system generally lasts 1-2 weeks of daily use. LEARN MORE ABOUT POD SYSTEMS

Vape Mods/Kits

Vape mods are the most powerful and customizable vaping devices on the market. These devices can power a wide variety of atomizers (aka “tanks”). With a vape mod, you’ll be able to adjust the wattage setting to your liking. This means you can choose to use low wattage to vape discreetly, with very small “clouds”; or you can choose to use a higher wattage to vape large, dense clouds. Larger, dense clouds typically provide a more rich, bold flavor.  Vape mods are often sold as starter kits (aka “Vape Kits”). Starter kits include both a vape mod and a tank.  The tank attaches to your mod, and you’ll always use them together. The mod provides the power, and the tank stores and vaporizes the e-liquid. LEARN MORE ABOUT VAPE KITS

What Types of Substances Can You Vape?

You likely already know that you can vape e-liquid, but did you know that you can also vape dry herbs and concentrates? Here’s what you need to know.


E-liquid (aka vape juice) is the most common substance vaped in the United States. You can buy vape juice at Vapor Chasers or wherever you buy your vaping products, and it comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths – including nicotine-free flavors.  LEARN MORE ABOUT E-LIQUID


Concentrates also called “dabs”, typically contain CBD or THC and are vaporized in devices designed to vaporize wax like the Yocan Evolve Plus or a glass “rig”.  In order to use concentrates, you place them directly on the heating element of the concentrate vaporizer. Depending on the type of device you’re using this heating element will be manually heated with a flame prior to adding the concentrate or heated with an electronic heating element.

Dry Herbs

Vaping has changed in recent years to include vaporizing dry herbs. The most common dry herbs used in vapes are hemp and cannabis. The active ingredient in dry herbs is vaporized by heating air and having it pass over a chamber containing the herbs. NOTE: The vaporizer being used must be specifically designed for this purpose.

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